Qualifier-Plus, Polished, 1500-6500 RPM, 1957-95, Non-EGR

Qualifier-Plus, Polished, 1500-6500 RPM, 1957-95, Non-EGR
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  • Item #: 22025
  • Manufacturer: PROCOMP
  • Condition: New
Our Qualifier-Plus has the same larger plenum and runner design as the Qualifier with the addition of an open space between the plenum/runners and the base of the manifold. The space allows air to pass under the plenum which keeps the intake charge cooler which in turn produces more power and torque. Like the Qualifier, it is designed for more aggressive cams, headers and larger carburetors. Excellent for street performance or racing.
  • 1957-95 265-400 small block
  • Will support up to 475 HP naturally aspirated
  • 1500-6500 RPM range
  • Features dual distributor hold-downs
  • Includes two pipe tapped rear water ports
  • Nitrous Bosses molded directly on the manifold runners
  • Manifold is 4.65" tall measured from the front or rear valley gasket area to the top of the carburetor flange.
  • Non-EGR
  • Not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles.
  • Compare to Edelbrock Performer Air-Gap
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Price $199.00